Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bell Pro Gel Cycle Gloves - Good Construction and Protection

I have a couple of mountain bicycles that I ride on some weekends on the beach bike paths. Even though the paths are smooth, the handles of the bikes aren't, which results in blisters after about 5 miles of riding. The blisters would form on my palms and my hands would also get too much sun and wind exposure. So I decided I needed gloves.

After looking as several different kinds and brands of cycle gloves, I settled on the Bell Pro Gel Cycle Gloves. While not the cheapest, these gloves seemed to offer good features and that should have resulted in good comfort and protection.

About Bell Pro Gel Cycle Gloves

The Bell Pro Gel Cycle Gloves are half-finger style cycling gloves with lightweight design, three divided gel inserts for shock absorption and reduced hand fatigue, perforated palm venting and stretch nylon/spandex back. They are available in S/M size and L/XL size. I got the latter.


The suede palm provides good grip and the gel inserts eliminated blistering and hand fatigue. The Velcro closure is strong and the palm is double-stitched for durability. Although there were some hanging threads upon arrival, the stitching itself is of high quality.

The back of the glove is made of material that absorbs moisture ok and will allow you to wipe off the sweat from your forehead if you so choose. Not only they protect my hands when I ride the bike, they will protect them if I fall. And they fit me "like a glove".

If you need to wash them, you can wash them in cold water and line dry.

Pros: Quality construction, comfortable, protect well from blisters, sun and wind, inexpensive
Cons: N/A

Bottom Line

Overall, I am very pleased with these gloves. They protect my hands well while being comfortable and lightweight. And they aren't particularly expensive, especially if you buy them online.

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