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Ecos Magnolia and Lily Laundry Detergent - 100% Natural, Works Fine in Cold Water

Ecos Magnolia and Lily Laundry Detergent - 100% Natural, Works Fine in Cold Water Reviewed by Dmiko on .

We have been using the Ecos Magnolia and Lilies Ultra Laundry Liquid for over a year now. We bought 4 100-oz bottles and the last one of them is almost empty as we have a 2-year old and need to launder a lot of clothes almost daily.

In addition to being natural, this detergent was supposed to work in cold water, which is what we virtually always use. Advantages are several: fewer chemical substances are supposed to be better for the environment, better for our skin and the use of cold water is gentler on clothes and on the electric bill.

The 100-oz bottle we use is large without being inconvenient to handle. In the past I used to get a very large bottle of detergent (e.g. Tide) that would have a spout for pouring detergent, which resulted in a mess. This bottle is designed well so there is no mess and the pouring is easy.

The detergent works in both HE (high efficiency) washing machines and the conventional ones. We have a conventional one and therefore have to use double the dose comparing to HE. So instead of 100 full HE loads we can wash 50 conventional loads using this bottle. The reality is we frequently run partial loads and use less detergent per load as a result: 2/3 oz for "low" water level, 1 1/3 oz for "medium" and 2 oz for full.

Measuring is relatively easy as the cap that doubles as a measuring cup has lines for 1 oz and 2 oz. The detergent has syrupy consistency so you have a lot of time to react when you are pouring.


We use cold water and this might affect the results somewhat. Still, the results are decent, but not great. Because most of the laundry is baby stuff and our son doesn't need spotless clothes, just the clean ones, we are satisfied with the fact that the laundry is not to the cleanliness level you can achieve with Tide. And it does come close.

The smell is not unpleasant, but just... different. It is not your typical chemical "fresh" smell. I don't mind it and it doesn't bother me. There isn't much of it either.

Bottom Line

For a 100%-biodegradable product that has no phosphate formaldehyde or petrochemicals and is 100% natural plus used in cold water, the performance is acceptable. And it was cheap also, several times cheaper than Tide at less than 6 cents per full HE load.

For clothes, especially whites, that need to be spotless though, I still use Tide and warm water.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5.

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