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Health-o-Meter BFM688KD-81 Weight Trackng, Body Fat & Hydration Percentage Scale Review

Health-o-Meter BFM688KD-81 Weight Trackng, Body Fat & Hydration Percentage Scale Reviewed by Dmiko on .

We have used this scale for over 4 years. It still works fine and is still on the original set of the AA batteries. The scale seems to be very accurate when it comes to weight and I was able to measure myself repeatedly with 0.2 lbs variation or less. I also was able to measure packages that I was about to ship by standing on the scale first with the package, then without and then subtracting the numbers. 

Some Features 

The scale can remember the numbers for up to 4 people and can track your progress if you are trying to loose (or gain) weight. It shows you the increase/decrease in your weight comparing to the first measurement and you can easily see how you are doing in regards to your goal. 

A small issue is the fact that the numbers don’t stay on the display for long after you get off the scale. So you have to look quickly at the numbers and /or hit the Select button to save them, otherwise the screen goes blank. 

Of course, this being a digital scale, you cannot just get onto it. You have to turn it on but pushing a button, then wait a few seconds while it calibrates itself. 

Body Fat Measurement 

My bigger issue with this scale is the body fat percentage measurement. You have to be barefoot when you measure it. The scale measures your weight, hydration percentage and the body fat percentage, the latter by passing electric current up one leg, across the abdomen and down the other leg. Then it runs some math. 

I suspect the math is faulty or something else is at play here. I consistently get around 20% of body fat percentage, which makes it sound that I could use a fat-reduction regimen of some sort. Perhaps I should stop eating all those pizzas and drinking all that Coke with ice cream. Except I don’t. According to all sorts of formulas I found online, based on my weight, height and waist circumference, my fat percentage is actually around 10%, which places me in the “athletes” classification. 

Knowing that the absolute body fat percentage number that this scale shows is inaccurate, I could simply use this number to track the trends in my body fat, right? Nope, the number fluctuates with the food/beverages you consume and I can keep better track simply by comparing my weight with the hole I am using on my belt. 

I don’t find the hydration percentage of any use. 


The Health-o-Meter BFM688KD-81 Weight Trackng, Body Fat & Hydration Percentage Scale works well to help you accurately keep track of your weight, changes thereof and does so for up to four people. As for the body fat percentage measurement, it is somewhat inaccurate, and it requires you to be barefooted.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5.

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