Monday, July 29, 2013

Dockers Manhattan Oxford Shoes for Men - Excellent Comfort But...

I am now on my second pair of Dockers Manhattan in black color. I first bought them online, sight unseen, and after 2.5 years looked for and bought a second pair. I wore the first pair for 2.5 years almost exclusively even though I had a lot of other shoes. The reason is simple: they were extremely comfortable.


The shoe is available in a wide range of sizes (at least 8-13, including half-sizes). The shoe feels true to size marked. I usually wear size 9.5 or 10 and ordered this shoe in size 9.5 (M). The shoe fits perfectly.


The initial week or two were not so impressive for the second pair I got, even though the size was the same. For some reason I don't recall suffering from blisters so much when I got the first pair. But after a week or so, they became super-comfortable as well and I prefer them to any other shoe once again.

The Dockers Manhattan is of rather simple design with smoother leather upper and a plain toe, padded collar and insole, flexible rubber outsole. The leather looks pretty rich and semi-matte. One drawback is it is somewhat easily scratched. But, as I mentioned previously, the comfort (after the initial break-in) is unparalleled.


It is the small scratches and damage to the peeling internal padding that I had to replace the first pair after 2.5 years of almost-daily wear. I can still wear the old pair for walking in the mountains/hiking in the low-moderately rugged terrain since structurally they are not damaged and the outsole is not worn at all.

The second pair I got has been in service for over 7 years but not exclusively and therefore still looks good, but shows signs of wear (light surface scratches, but not much peeling of the internal padding).

I lost some weight, and more importantly visceral fat by adopting a paleo diet with low carb intake. The loss of fat resulted in all shoes, clothes and belts that fit well before being slightly too loose, but nothing too extreme and certainly not related to this shoe alone. The shoe is still super-comfortable.

Pros: Excellent comfort, good appearance and construction
Cons: Leather scratches easily, internal padding not very durable

Bottom Line

At about $50 a pair, these are excellent if you value comfort for your feet. I highly recommend them, provided you can find them.

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