Sunday, October 27, 2013

Honda Accord - Change your power steering fluid

We have two Honda Accord cars; a 2006 and a 2007 models. Both developed a slight occasional squeak when turning the steering  wheel at around 6.5 years of ownership; one at 39K miles and another at 66K miles.

Although the power steering fluid change is not in the maintenance schedule or the manual, apparently it needs to be done. I pumped out the original fluid using the turkey baster and replaces with the OEM Honda Power Steering Fluid, closed the reservoir, started the car and turned the wheels left and right a few times. Then I stopped the car and repeated the process.

The first few reservoir-fulls of the fluid were coming out very dark and dirty-looking. After several refills, the fluid became much clearer. I used four 12-oz bottles of fresh fluid for each car. The squealing is gone and the steering seems slightly lighter.

Unlike other cars that use ATF for power steering fluid, Honda uses their own formulation. Make sure you only use genuine OEM Honda fluid. Also, make sure you cover the areas around the fill hole of the reservoir with a towel, especially the serpentine belt and the pulleys.

Another thing to remember: a lot of quick lube places will take the used power steering fluid for recycling. It needs to be disposed of properly. I took my used PS fluid to a local quick-lube place.

P.S. In my 10-year old Infiniti G35 the steering made no sound and the fluid still looked clean, but I replaced it anyway with Redline ATF fluid.

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