Monday, May 12, 2014

46 MPG commuting to work in 2014 Honda Accord

Today, I got an indicated 46 MPG on a 54-mile drive to work. This includes starting the car with cold engine, maneuvering in the garage and driving up one level, driving on city streets for 2 miles, 50 miles of driving on the freeway at 55-62 mph (using the cruise control), then 2 miles of driving on a highway.

The car is a 2014 Honda Accord EX-L with a 4-cylinder engine and an CVT transmission. I did not use the ECON mode, but neither did I have to use the air conditioning. The car only has 4.5K miles on the odometer, so the fuel economy should improve even more later.

Consumer Reports at some point measured 49 MPG in the similar 4-cylinder Accord going at a steady 55-mph speed. This is a hybrid-like figure from a car that is not as boring as a Toyota Prius, and is much faster and safer and to boot.

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