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Personna Double Edge Blades - Much Better Than Astra, Derby, Fusion or ProGlide

Over two years ago I switched from Panasonic electric shavers to double-edge shaving, in the interim briefly trying Schick Hydro 3 Blade Razor, Schick Hydro 5 Blade Razor, Gillette Fusion, Gillette Fusion Power and Gillette Fusion ProGlide. I discovered that I could get a much better shave with cartridge systems, but with some skin irritation and at cartridge prices that I was not willing to pay. To get a better shave than what an electric shaver gave me but with less irritation, I started using double-edge (DE) safety razors and have been using them with two blade kinds: Shark Super Chrome blades and Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades, then went on a blade-shopping spree. As a result, I recently tried several other blades.

I mostly use the Lord L6 and Edwin Jagger De89bl razors with Parker 86R being on standby. I use a badger hair brush and shaving soap. Note that different skin and beard types respond better to different blades and the combination of the razor with the blade matters as well. Lord L6 is pretty mild razor and I tend to get best results with sharp blades. I had good results with Shark. Shark Super Chrome blades are sharper than Derby, last longer and pull less. I then tried Astra Superior Platinum blades, which in my case turned out to be Inferior. Despite being highly regarded on various shaving forums, they proved to be the worst for my skin/beard type in my razors. Irritation, tugging and pulling and poor packaging were noted.

I then tried Gillette 7 O’clock Sharp Edge, which were very sharp but lasted only 3-4 shaves. And finally, it was Personna’s turn.

What is Personna Double Edge Razor Blade

The Personna Double Edge Razor Blades are double-edge blades. Some of them are made it the US, some in Israel. I am reviewing here the ones that are called “Lab Blue”. They are the blades made in the US and come in blue packaging.


Unlike Astra and 7 O’clock and, to a smaller extent, Derby and Shark, these blades have no glue on them whatsoever, which is nice.


I was shocked at the performance delivered by these blades. They are not expensive, yet for me they outperformed all the blades I tried so far, with the exception being Gillette 7 O’clock and the Feather Hi Stainless, which are sharper, but don’t last as long as Personna.

I have delicate skin yet tough beard, which is a difficult combination when it comes to shaving. I find that the mild Lord L6 razor with a sharp blade works great.

1. Personna blades pull less than Derby or Shark Super Chrome and less than Astra from second use on.
2. Personna blades pull very little when the beard is longer than a day old.
3. The Personna blade seems to glide over the skin as well as the Derby blade when the beard is 1 day or shorter
4. The longevity of Personna blades seems to exceed even Shark and far surpass Astra. I get at least 6-7 shaves (3 passes each) from Personna, whereas I got 2 from Astra, 3-4 from Gillette 7 O’clock, 4-5 from Derby and 5-6 from Shark Super Chrome.
5. Overall, Personna blades provide me with a close shave, with no irritation and last a long time.

The bottom line is this blade produces close shave with no irritation and last me a week each (one 3-pass shave per day).

Be mindful that the results depend on the type of the beard and skin.


I bought 100 of these for $13. At about 13-20 cents per blade, which lasts 6-7 shaves, these blades are not only much cheaper than Gillette Fusion, Schick Hydro 5 or Schick Hydro 3, they are cheaper per use than Astra, Gillette 7 O’clock Sharp Edge and even slightly cheaper than Shark.

They are better for environment too since I only discard one small piece of metal every week.

Pros: Sharp, smooth, long-lasting, inexpensive, no glue on blade
Cons: Not the very sharpest (but close)

Bottom Line

For me, Personna Double Edge Razor Blades work better than Derby, Astra, Gillette 7 O'clock Sharp Edge or Shark blades. See my reviews of Dorco ST301, Wilkinson Sword Classic and Feather Hi-Stainless, but these Personna  blades are almost as sharp as the sharpest Gillette 7 O’clock Sharp Edge and Feather yet cost less and last longer.

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