Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Carter's Dot Crib Bumper Does The Job Well

Our then-4 month old was starting to turn on his side, stomach and even attempting to crawl (with not much success). As such, his legs, feet and arms frequently got caught between the crib's bars. He got upset and I couldn't blame him for that.

After some research and considering cheaper and "breathable" alternatives, we got him Carter's Crib Bumper in brown color, technically known as "chocolate". The bumper arrived in a plastic case not unlike the ones that hold bed sheets and such, but with a handle. The bumper had labels attached, that indicated it needed to be washed before use and that the said washing had to be done in cold water and then, "tumble dry low" was prescribed. So we did.

The bumper is sturdy, well-made and has soft, slightly fuzzy surface. It has ties on the outside that attach to bed posts/bars to hold it in place. The color matches our cherry wood crib well. After attaching it, I discovered that there was one opening (between two bars) that was not covered, probably because I didn't stretch the bumper enough. Still, our son doesn't venture into that corner yet.


We are very pleased. The bumper prevents little feet or arms from getting caught in the crib openings, resulting in less aggravation. The surface is soft so it protects the head when rolling over. The construction and design are sturdy and are held in place securely (I also made sure to stick the lower edge between the crib and the mattress).

Bottom Line

Although certainly not cheap, this bumper is top-notch and does the job well. It is sturdy, looks good and works very well. And it is available in different colors. I highly recommend it.

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