Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Neutrogena Men Hydrating Eye Reviver - It Works, But There Are Better

Eye creams are expensive, it's a given. They do play an important role however, because the area around the eye encounters a lot of motion and lines form along with puffiness and dark circles, all of which the eye creams are supposed to combat.

I haven't paid any attention to either my facial skin or the around the eye area. Men aren't supposed to care about that. That's a mindset that is incorrect, I now believe. And I should have started caring sooner, before the lines formed. Still, it is probably never too late, so after using my wife's Olay eye cream, I decided to get a "manly" alternative from Neutrogena. To see if it is any better.

About Neutrogena Men Hydrating Eye Reviver

The product is called Neutrogena Men Hydrating Eye Reviver. It is an eye cream that comes in a plastic tube with a thin nozzle. It promises to do a few semi-magical things:
1. Make tired eyes look refreshed
2. Reduce the look of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness
3. Clinically proven by dermatologists to: visibly reduce dark circles
4. Restore healthy look of eye area

I am not sure how #4 is different from #1-3 combined. And #3 is included in #2. Still, there are 3 clearly defined benefits promised: reduction in appearance of lines, dark circles and puffiness. Let's see how many are delivered.


I would squeeze a small amount of the creme from the tube one my finger and then gently massage it around the eye area. The small nozzle makes it much easier to conserve the cream, comparing to the "regular" eye cream containers women use.

The cream is not very greasy and it generally doesn't matter to me as much as it does with regular creams/lotions because the amount being applied is so small. I use this eye cream twice a day, morning and night.


The cream does seem to reduce the appearance of lines and dark circles/puffiness. How much is a question however. All three are reduced moderately with the appearance of lines being reduced in a more dramatic fashion. As a matter of personal opinion, I think my wife's Olay cream worked slightly better. And then there is a question of whether the benefits are temporary or permanent.

Only constant usage can help answer this question. As for the product that I will be using, I think after finishing this cream, I might switch to Olay. It isn't manly as this eye cream and isn't as easy to apply precisely, but it appears to work slightly better.

I didn't have any eye irritation or allergies using it (although I do have allergies from other environmental sources).

Pros: Easy to apply precisely, "for men" on the tube, works ok
Cons: Olay works slightly better without costing much more

Bottom Line

I like the ease of application and overall result, but have a subjective opinion that Olay eye cream works slightly better. If you have to use a product "for men", Neutrogena Eye Reviver is a good product to try. Otherwise, Olay might be a better choice.

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