Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes - Good "Traction", Smell and Dispenser Performance

Wiping baby's bottom is a very exciting subject to write about. Not. Nevertheless, it is important to have a good wipe that does the job, doesn't irritate the wiper or the wipee, doesn't disintegrate while wiping and has reasonable costs (because, from what I hear, once you have a baby, you will be wiping for quite a while).

We tried two different kinds of wipes and settled on the Pampers Baby Wipes in a 720-count box. The other kind we tries was Huggies and the Pampers were better in all respects: they had better "traction" (in other words they pick up the ... "stuff" instead of mostly gliding over it the way Huggies did), less fragrance in the smell (which might be a drawback once we start the solid foods) and came with a nice plastic dispenser box. Huggies didn't. I probably didn't get the right Huggies product. Oh well.


Just as I mentioned above, the Pampers diapers came in a big box that contained a teal/green plastic dispenser box with a locking lid that pops open at a push of a button and a bunch of refills for the said dispenser. Refill packaging is easy to tear open. The wipes' smell is not overbearing and the aforementioned "traction" is good, picking up reasonable amount of stuff on each pass.

The amount of liquid in the wipe (no alcohol, mostly water and oils) is good: not too much so the traction is not affected and not too little so you can soak areas that are getting crusty. You know what I mean. If you don't you will.

The wipes are not flushable, so I dispose of them together with used diapers. Which is not a problem. Plus the flushable wipes I tried were horrible. They ripped apart and were difficult to remove from the pack. Which reminds me, the Pampers diapers are also excellent at feeding one at a time from the dispenser, in a Cleanex-like fashion.

Pros: Good amount of liquid, good cleaning and "traction", smell and price, reliable dispenser
Cons: N/A

Bottom Line

With a reasonable price (I buy mine online) and a steady supply of the well-cleaning wipes from a sturdy dispenser, these Pampers Wipes are are almost perfect. Until the day when the wipes that work by themselves, without any human intervention are invented, I will be using these. Or until my son can wipe his own butt. Whichever comes first.

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