Monday, May 27, 2013

Fellowes SmoothMove Moving Storage Box, Extra Strength, Small - Sturdy, Convenient and Reusable

I bought these Fellowes SmoothMove Small boxes (along with medium-sized boxes) for my move. These boxes come as one piece that is flat, but unfolds into a sturdy box that is easy to fold/unfold and includes the lid. Or rather flaps that go over each other to form a lid. The end result is a sturdy box with a studry lid and two openings for your hands to carry it.

When moving, I stacked these boxes (containing heavy items) several layers high with no damage to the boxes in the bottom layer. Even with broken pavement and the old UHaul truck I used, there was no damage or even dents to the boxes or contents.

The small size is perfect for books, CDs/DVDs and other heavy objects. The box is convenient to carry and after the move I unfolded them and stored for future use.

The grey color is unoffensive and the blue highlights make it appear less plain that a solid grey box would. I highly recommend these boxes for storage or moving.

The drawback is price. These boxes cost me almost $3 a box, which is not cheap. But taking into account that they are compact when folded, easy to fold/unfold, come in one piece and require no tape and very little time to fold/unfold, they are worth the price in my opinion.

Pros: Come in one piece, easy to fold/unfold, no tape required, sturdy, appealing, easy to carry
Cons: Price

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