Monday, May 27, 2013

The Step2 Company Step 2 Push Around Buggy - I Had To Drill A Hole

My son saw a stroller that looked like a car while playing on the playground about a month ago. He didn’t want to leave and I decided to get him the same kind of stroller/cart.

Searching online, I discovered that that was a Step2 Company Step 2 Push Around Buggy in red color. I bought it online, assembled it and my son wants to sit in it or push it around all the time.


The buggy requires some assembly. I needed a hammer, a wrench and a Philips screwdriver, which was clearly indicated in the manual. What was not indicated in the manual is that I would also need an electric drill. The hole through which the metal rod that holds the push-handle has to be inserted was smaller than the plastic rod finisher. The hole also had a rough, irregular shape. After attempting to insert and even hammer the rod in, I had to resort to drilling a slightly larger hole. Fortunately I have an electric drill and a set of drill buts, one of which was exactly the right size (actually slightly larger). I don’t think everyone would be able to do so.

The assembly required hammering, using the screwdriver, using the wrench and, unfortunately, drilling. I was done in about 15 minutes. It also required applying sticky appliqués to the car: the smiley mouth, headlights, eyes, taillights, instruments and the key.

In Use
The buggy is quite sturdy and very easy to roll with one hand. The front wheels don’t steer, but you can easily tilt the buggy backward by pushing on the handle and then pivot it around in the desired direction.

The buggy is designed for ages 18-36 months, but my 18-month old son almost touches the steering wheel with his chest/stomach and he is quite skinny. I wonder how much space will be left when he approaches 36 months.

The seat seems comfortable (albeit not padded). The sides of the “car” surround the seat providing lateral support. There is a seat belt (lap belt rather) as well, which is sturdy and adjustable.

The steering wheel rotates (with no effect on front wheels) and has a mechanical horn that lets my son honk at will.

The wheels have no tires and provide for semi-rough ride on uneven surfaces, same applies to the noise they make. But on smoother surfaces the buggy rolls easily.

The front part has a “hood” under which there is a pretty large storage compartment. It probably rivals trunks of some Porsche cars.

The buggy has a “friendly” appearance, with eyes and a smiling mouth. My son loves to sit in it, riding in it and rolling it himself as well.

Pros: Sturdy, looks good, inexpensive, kids love it, easy to roll, comfortable seat, steering wheel, horn.
Cons: Had to drill a hole, little noise and rough ride suppression, does not fold.

Bottom Line

I would not recommend it as a replacement for a stroller since it doesn’t fold, is quite large and provides little cushioning or noise suppression when riding on rough surfaces. But for going to the beach, a playground and generally staying close to home, this little buggy is perfect.

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