Monday, May 27, 2013

WaterSafe Lead Test Kit - Easy To Use And Works Well

I wanted to test the lead concentration in our water. Our son is usually drinking water from his sippy cup and he had a slightly elevated blood lead level. The water we put in it is tap water, filtered with PUR faucet water filter, that claims to remove up to 99% of lead. Our building was built before 1950 so lead in water was a concern, even after filtering.

I also bought lead test swabs, which ultimately proved more useful.

The WaterSafe kit is inexpensive and easy to use. Included are the manual, pipette to collect the sample, vial and a test strip. The usage is as follows: you collect water in the pipette, put it in a vial, swirl it around for a couple of seconds, then put the test strip in the vial with arrows on the strip facing down.

Ten minutes later, the strip shows the result. The test has a detection level below of what is considered unsafe. Not only is it easy to see if the level of lead is below the limit, it is also easy to see if the test actually worked. If no line appears on the strip, the test didn't work correctly.

In our case, the test was clearly negative, so we can keep using filtered tap water in a (made in China) Munchkin sippy cup. It is reassuring to know that our child is not getting too much lead in his drinking water.

Later, using the lead test swabs, I found lead in the paint, even though the paint looked brand-new.

Pros: Easy to use, clear result indication, peace of mind for low price
Cons: Could have included multiple test strips to test multiple water sources

Bottom Line

The WaterSafe Lead Test Kit is easy to use and I highly recommend it. I wish it included several test strips so that we could test multiple sources of water, but even in its current form it is a good value. If you are concerned about lead, I also suggest you get lead test swabs. They proved highly useful to us and let us find out lead source.

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