Friday, May 31, 2013

Lenmar CBI209 NiMH Replacement Battery For Panasonic HHR-P509A

My mother’s Panasonic cordless phone recently started acting up. After about 20 minutes of talk time, it would suddenly turn off and won’t work again until recharged. The culprit was its original NiMH battery that reached the end of its useful life. 

Upon opening the headset, I discovered that the original battery was a NiMH Panasonic model HHR-P509 and had a note on it that it should be replaced with a Panasonic HHR-P509A battery. 

Searching online, I found several matching replacement batteries from no-name companies. I also found Lenmar CBI209, which I ended up getting. 

What Is Lenmar CBI209 

The Lennmar CBI209 is a replacement battery for some Panasonic, AT&T, Lucent and Sprint phones. It replaces Panasonic HHR-P509, HHR-P509A, P-509A, P-P509, P-P509A, AQHHR150AAZ3 and General Electric GE-TL26407 batteries. 

It is a NiMH rechargeable battery with 2.4V voltage, 3.6 Wh capacity (1500 mAh). 


The package recommends before use fully charging the battery, then letting it discharge fully. We let it charge for about a day and have been using the phone for over 3 days and the battery is still not discharged. This is excellent performance and I expect good longevity from this battery. 

Pros:  Excellent longevity and performance .
Cons: None.

Bottom Line 

I am very happy with this battery’s performance and highly recommend it.

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