Monday, May 13, 2013

Lowepro D-Res 30 AW Digital Camera Bag - Good for Compacts and Larger

I have bought the Lowepro D-Res 30 AW for my Panasonic FZ digital camera. This bag is suitable for a larger digital camera (e.g. FZ1FZ2 or FZ3) or a compact digital camera and its accessories. 

The camera bag features soft interior lining and an adjustable divider in the main compartment that can be placed anywhere or removed completely. If you have a compact camera, you can keep the divider close to the middle of the compartment and keep the camera in one part of the main compartment while keeping some of your accessories in the other. 

In addition, the bag has a small sub-compartment in the main compartment for battery (or AA batteries) as well as two mesh pockets for memory cards on the outside of the main compartment. All compartment (including mesh pockets) are covered by the bag's zippered flap. 

The bag comes with a shoulder belt and has an attachment tab that cam be fastened to a belt or any SlipLock-based product. 


Since my camera is relatively large and I keep the accessory ring and the UV filter attached, I moved the divider all the way to the wall of the interior compartment. This way, the camera fits snugly. 

The interior is soft and does not scratch the LCD. The exterior and so-called All Weather Cover seem to provide good protection from elements. I have taken the camera in this bag to snowy mountains and there was more than enough protection from melting snow. 

I don't carry extra batteries or memory cards, but one of the two mesh pockets hold the case for my 55mm UV filter, just in case I decide to remove it. Unfortunately, this bag is not large enough for me to store the lens hood. But it is not a problem and is only the case since the camera itself is so large. 

The flat back side of the bag makes it convenient to carry using the supplied shoulder belt. It is also quite compact and fits in my backpack easily. The shell has enough rigidity to protect the camera in case of moderate impacts. 

The zipper on the flap works well ans is smooth (unlike the one on my backpack, which requires a lot of force and gets stuck once in a while). 


This case will definitely not do if you have a digital SLR and accessories, neither will it fit a larger camera like Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ15 or FZ20. But for a compact digital camera or something moderately sized like Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1, FZ2 or FZ3, it is a good choice.

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