Monday, May 13, 2013

Sharp DV-600U DVD Player - Outdated, But OK as a CD Player

About 13 years ago, I bought this Sharp DV-600U for what was a good deal at the time - I managed to buy it for $135 on the web. 

About the Player

It was small and looked nice, picture and sound quality were very good. It has Coax digital out (RCA x 1), optical digital out, S-Video output, video out (RCA x 1), component out (RCA x 3), stereo headphone out with volume control, Virtual Dolby Surround (Q-Surround) Decoder, Dolby Digital (AC-3) and DTS Ready (Digital bit stream out). 

Features include Direct Chapter Skip, Multiangle, Multilingual (8-language support), Multistory, Interactive Story and Parental Control. 

It can play DVD-Video, CD-Audio, CD-Video. 
But it doesn't play CD-R discs. I have quite a collection of music on CD-R discs, and all of them refused to play in DV-600U. 

So far so good. However sometimes it seemed that the unit would overheat, so it started to skip and/or freeze. If I stoped it and tried to play the same disc again after a while, it worked OK - and the disk itself felt a little too warm. Also on some occasions it refused to play the disk at all, it ejected it immediately. But this could happen with any player. 

Remote Control

The remote control has a bad key layout - there are 2 separate pairs of keys for up/down and left/right. And left and right buttons are located one under another one. The person who designed it had definite problems with common sense. 

Additionally, if you press "Stop", you have to press the "Resume" button to resume the movie, if you press "Play", the player will start to play the disc from the beginning and there is no way to get to the point you interrupted the movie, other than skipping to that chapter and pressing "FF". It was quite annoying. 

The player couldn't play CD-R discs (neither did it support MP3), however it provided great sound quality when playing music CDs (especially when you connected high quality headphones to its front headphone jack, a rarity nowadays). 

Bottom Line

Even in its hayday this player could not be recommended - it was slow, overheated and is very outdated now. There are great inexpensive DVD players today that are much better choices. But if you simply need a CD player with a headphone jack, you can use it.

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