Friday, June 28, 2013

Breville JE200XL 700 Watts Juicer - Easy To Use and Maintain

After using a compact Singer juicer for a few years, my mother wanted to get a better model. The main issue with the existing juicer was that it left a lot of juice in the pulp, plus the construction was not exactly top-notch, so it was getting flimsier by the day.

The New Juicer

I got her the Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor. The specs, appearance and good reviews convinced me that this is a good juicer and I was mostly right. The Juicer arrived in less than a week and we were able to unpack, wash and reassemble it in less than 5 minutes without opening the manual. Well, almost. I had to confirm how to remove the main tray with the knife/cutter/screen from the base, since it was attached so well, I was afraid to apply too much force to it to remove it (while pulling it up).

The manual has a lot of photos, which makes it easy to figure out assembly, disassembly and cleaning procedures. The juicer itself is nice-looking, sturdy, stylish and has a cool power plug with a hole in the middle, letting you put a finger through it so that you don't have an incentive to pull on the cord to unplug it.

The power switch is rather large and the chute has a large diameter and is long, which is perfect for carrots and other long vegetables. You can juice smaller apples whole.


The juicer is powerful (700 Watts is almost 1 horsepower) but has a decently-weighed base, so vibrations are minimized as is sliding. Which is important, since the spigot doesn't make juice flow straight down all the time, but sometimes sprays it, so you have to make sure that the supplied cup with a hole in its lid is pressed tightly against the juicer. I didn't pay attention the first time I used the juicer and there was quite a bit of carrot juice on the countertop. 

Still, when you pay attention and keep the hoe in the lid aligned with the spout, the juicing is effortless and the pulp is pretty dry, meaning the juicer extracts most of the juice from it. The juicer is so powerful, it creates a vortex of air above its centrally-positioned chute, so some veggie bits can travel up that vortex if you let them. I managed to keep them at bay though.


Cleaning is a snap with the supplied brush and some dish soap. The parts are easy to remove and put back.

Hamilton Beach 67650 Is Better

I later bought the Hamilton Beach 67650 for myself and it is better. It has a separate pulp container, more powerful motor and is cheaper. You can see my review of Hamilton Beach 67650 here.

Pros: Powerful, easy to clean and use, dry pulp (extracts most juice), stable base.
Cons: Might be a little too powerful, need to keep the cup aligned with the spout.

Bottom Line

This juicer performs well and is easy to maintain. It is also well-built and sturdy. The manual is easy to follow and the chute is wide and long, providing for safety and versatility. I recommend it but prefer the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor 67650 I got for myself.

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