Friday, June 28, 2013

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth 67650 Pro Juicer - Much Better Than Breville

After I got my mother a new juicer (Breville JE200XL with a 700-Watt motor), I decided to get one for myself. Then, I read a comparison review in Consumer Reports and discovered that another juicer was named Consumer Reports Best Buy. The juicer was a 1.1-horsepower Hamilton Beach Big Mouth 67650. I am glad I did. Not only was it less expensive, it also works better and is easier to disassemble.

The New Juicer

The HHamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor 67650 has a 1.1-horsepower motor and one speed. The Consumer Reports article said it extracted most juice out of the fruit, was easy to clean and cost less than juicers that weren't as good. I have to agree.

The juicer looks stylish, is solidly built and has a simple on/off toggle switch. The chute is located centrally over the cutter and is wide enough to accept whole smaller apples. The juicer is of centrifugal type: the cutter is a spinning disk with small blades and the rotating screen squeezes the juice out. It was easy to assemble and disassemble and comes with a small cleaning brush. Unlike the Breville JE200XL, which stores the pulp inside the casing, this juicer has a large container for pulp that can be taken off the case, emptied and reconnected without disassembling the machine. And you can put a plastic bag in it, simplifying the cleanup process even more.

I was able to unpack, wash and reassemble the juicer in less than 5 minutes without opening the manual. The power switch is a simple, but sturdy mechanical toggle switch, that works well.


The juicer is powerful (1.1 horsepower) but has a decently-weighed base, so vibrations are minimized as is sliding. The base is also compact, which I appreciate because the countertop real estate is sparse. The juice-collecting cup is a bit small, but wors well, even though there is an occasional splashing. Keeping it close to the juicer's base (enough to avoid juice flowing between the base and the cup) proved easier than with Breville.

The juicer is so powerful and spins its cutter so fast, that I had a small piece of carrot fly out of it. But I don't care since it works so well. And here is how well it works: the pulp is very dry and seems that every little bit of juice is extracted. The pulp collects in the large container that attaches to the side of juicer's base.


One useful tip I found in the manual is placing a plastic bag in the pulp container to simplify cleanup. But even without it, emptying the pulp container was rather easy. Cleaning is a snap with the supplied brush and some dish soap. The parts are easy to remove and put back. The parts are also dishwasher-safe, which helps.


The juicer appears to be solidly made. After 7 months of use it still looks and works as new.

Pros: Price, power, effectiveness (dry pulp), easy to use and clean, pulp container, wide chute.
Cons: N/A.

Bottom Line

This Hamilton Beach Juicer 67650 is excellent. It performs well and is easy to operate and clean. It is also well-built and sturdy. The manual is easy to follow and the chute is wide and long, providing for safety and versatility. I am happy I got this model and wish I got it for my mother as well, instead of the Breville JE200XL. I highly recommend it.

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