Thursday, June 27, 2013

Coopervision Hydrasoft Toric Lenses - Good Comfort and Longevity

As my eyesight deteriorated through the years of reading too much and using computers all day long, OTC contact lenses became unsuitable. I have such strong astigmatism, custom lenses were prescribed and for years I have worn custom soft contact lenses from Coopervision called Coopervision Hydrasoft Toric.

I have worn these lenses daily, putting them on in the morning and taking them off one I got home from work. On weekends, I tried not to wear them, unless I had to drive somewhere, because I wanted to give my eyes some rest.

With this schedule of wear, the lenses proved to be comfortable with no "dry" feeling or any other issues.

I could see well in them and they didn't have too much tint, making them almost invisible for other people. Some other lenses are more heavily tinted (e.g. light blue), making them more visible.

I stored these in the contact lens case, filled with Alcon contact lens solution with Alcon cleaner drops nightly. In such wear and storage schedule they lasted 3-4 months easily.

Other Lenses
I later was switched by my ophtalmologist to another brand and although it also worked well overall, I seemed to have more issues with dry eyes and lenses "sticking" to the eye surface due to dry eye.

Comfortable, long-lasting.
Cons: None.

Bottom Line

These lenses worked very well for me for several years. I highly recommend them.

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