Thursday, June 27, 2013

Safety 1st Adapter and Plug Cover - Sturdy, Easy to Install, Stylish

Our 1.5-year old son kept pulling on lamp cords and was able to pull the plug out on a couple of occasions before we could stop him. I wanted to be safe and prevent him from a potential electric shock. I bought a couple of these Adapter and Plug Covers from Safety 1stand couldn’t be happier. We have been using them for over a year now and below is the review.


These covers work with standard plug outlets that have two outlets in vertical orientation and one screw in the middle holding the face plate. Installation couldn’t be simpler: you remove the screw (make sure that the power is not fed to the outlets), remove the faceplate, install the provided faceplate and secure it with the screw you removed prior. 

The provided faceplate has raised sides that act as miniature rails. 

You then plug in your alliances (either 2 plugs or 1 plug and one 1 adapter). You then slide (upward) the bottom part of the cover with the cords coming thorough the hole in the bottom part of the cover. You then slide the upper part of the cover from the top (downward) and it clicks into the lower part. 

Pros: Inexpensive, good-looking, very sturdy, easy to install, impossible for a child to open.
Cons: Too bulky if you don't need to use AC adapters.

Bottom Line 

As a result, you have a very sturdy outlet cover that looks good, prevents your child from electrocuting himself/herself and is very difficult (impossible for a child, really) to open. And after you no longer need it, it is easy to remove and replace with the faceplate you previously removed. 

I highly recommend the Safety 1st Adapter and Plug Cover . I spent less than $15 and less than 10 minutes and have electrocution protection I can rely on. 

Note: nothing is a substitute for actually watching your child.

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